Medizin-Studierende bei der Laborarbeit.

Medical studies in Germany enjoy an outstanding international reputation. Demands made of students are correspondingly high. The university places available are contested by the best and most dedicated graduates.

A limited contingent of approx. 5% of places are available for foreign students. In order to study successfully, you should have excellent grades, knowledge of chemistry, biology and physics and a very good command of German. The workload encountered during medical studies is also particularly high.

The DAAD does not provide any grants for medical studies in Germany. However, applicants from medical faculties are able to apply for a research fellowship. Nevertheless, only certain types of project can receive funding:

What is funding available for?

  • Research projects
  • Scientific doctoral projects in Germany (e.g. Dr. rer. nat., Dr. rer. medic., Dr. rer. med.)

Unfortunately, the completion of medical doctoral theses (Dr. med., Dr. med. vet., Dr. med. dent.), further clinical training including observation visits, specialist further medical training in Germany and other projects involving medical activities (with a license to practice medicine/professional license) cannot be funded.

Detailed information on studying or doing a doctorate in medicine and career opportunities in the medical sector:

Germany - a Great Place for Knowledge - Medicine (pdf, 2.60 MB)

Essential information about medical studies in Germany (requirements, application procedures) and details regarding further medical specialist training is available here: (in German)