DAAD and Orient-Institut concert with Ziad El Ahmadie and Mounir Mahmalat

The following article was taken from our Second Newsletter (pdf, 2.62 MB)







Photographs by Maha Maalouf, Report by Tamara Moumna

On 14th November 2018 the Orient-Institut Beirut and DAAD Lebanon invited for an evening of classic and traditional musical exploration. More than 100 people enjoyed a cultural night of contrasts of German and Levantine music at the premises of the Orient-Institut Beirut.

The theme of the event focused on the differences and similarities between classic German and Levantine music. Ziad El Ahmadie, Lebanese composer, oud player and singer and Mounir Mahmalat, cellist and research fellow at the American University of Beirut led the audience through a night of contrasts and eventually — harmony. Central was the aim to create emotional and personal connections to live music in a unique environment at the Orient-Institut Beirut.

Split into three parts, the concert encompassed two solo performances of cello and oud. Later the musicians joined efforts for an original take on Levantine classics. The first two solo concerts focused on the differences between classical German and classic Levantine music. The second part bridged the contrasts and showed how harmonious cello and oud can sound together. The duet received lots of praise from members of the audience. The concert was followed by a reception where the boundaries between audience and musicians broke down and interesting discussions flourished over snacks and drinks.

The event was jointly organized and funded by DAAD Lebanon and the Orient-Institut Beirut.