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Rim Trad at a Bronze Age Village in Lake Constance Bodensee

“German has always been a language that I wanted to study someday. That day happened last year.”

Rim Trad, a student of Journalism at the Lebanese University, was granted a scholarship by the DAAD and stayed for one month at the University of Freiburg (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Wuerttemberg) where she took part in a summer language course.

1. Why did you decide to learn the German language and what were your expectations in relation to acquiring this language?
The German language has always been a language on my to-do list; having had some books that teach German in my house helped (my father has studied a bit of German). But the direct reason was when the DAAD explained their scholarship programs to us, as well as the benefits of learning German these days. Moreover, I had in mind that I want to continue my Masters degree in Germany. “That month was one of the greatest experiences in my life.” I had the expectation that the language would teach me a different culture as well as open up more work opportunities for me.

2. In what way do you feel you have benefited from your stay in Germany?
I lived and learned a new culture. I have learned a new language, therefore a new way of thinking and seeing things. I am considering studying / working in the future in Germany as I feel that I am so much in love with the culture. I have been finding myself in social situations where someone has to know or speak German (that one is me!). In my job as a journalist, any new language or culture is an added value.

3. Since returning to Lebanon have you continued to engage in the German language?
I am still practicing German in different ways. I still read some articles (DW—Deutsche Welle) in German, some Facebook posts in German, and watch some German movies (with German subtitles!), and I listen to German songs occasionally. The most important thing is that I have a German tandem partner whom I started talking to  from last year onwards. He has been teaching me German, and I have been teaching him Arabic.

“I still think in German sometimes and build sentences in my mind in this language.”

*All views expressed are Rim Trad´s own*

Freiburg Old Town