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Prof. Dr. Mouïn Hamzé has been the Secretary General of the National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon since 1998

Report by Prof. Dr. Mouïn Hamzé 

“In Lebanon we have a relatively small, but active research community. One that builds on a long history of collaborations at a diverse national, regional and international scale, through joint endeavors and strong networks between researchers, universities, and stake-holders that are vital for creating a critical mass in innovative fields with high impact outcomes for serving the community.”

Through its mandate, the National Council for Scientific Research Lebanon (CNRS-L) serves the scientific community in Lebanon covering a wide range of nationally identified priority disciplines, including: Environment & Natural Resources, Agriculture & Food, Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences, Business & Economics, Sociology & Political Science, Cultural Heritage, and Language & History.

Partnerships are key for knowledge production Recognizing that partnerships are a key opportunity for creating, sharing and utilizing knowledge, the CNRS-L works through well-established networks and partnership agreements to support research and human resources development. With a commitment to keep the Lebanese scientific community connected with worldwide advances, at the same time dedicating resources to meet local development needs in a time that our regions continue to face escalating challenges related to natural resources, migration, and climate change. Within the field of Research, a collaboration has long existed between Lebanon and Germany, specifically within joint projects of the EU Framework Programmes, and more recently (since 2012) within the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA). Our ambition is that through continued joint endeavors, targeted actions and exchange of information and knowledge, we explore new avenues within active programmes, open to the Lebanese Research Community at large, within a multi-disciplinary approach and a focus on the humanities and social sciences as a niche that responds to social responsibility. “Science is vital for building a knowledge society, scientific research is the cornerstone for innovation and science diplomacy for sustainable development and wellbeing ensures a community free of violence, extremism and

*All views expressed are Prof. Dr. Mouïn Hamzé ´s own*

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