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The academic exchange between Germany and Lebanon has been cultivated over the course of many decades. At present, 28 cooperations exist between German and Lebanese universities.

Dedicated lecturers initially began advising students at the DAAD offices in Syria, subsequently implementing joint activities between German and Lebanese universities and establishing academic cooperations. Since 2005, this work has been performed by DAAD instructors and DAAD lecturers with long-term appointments in Lebanon itself.

The DAAD eventually established an on-site presence in Lebanon in November 2014, and the new Beirut Information Centre opened its doors to interested visitors in early 2016. Since then more than 6000 students and researchers have received consultation on study and research opportunities in Germany from our team at DAAD Lebanon. In this year alone (2019) the Information Centre has consulted over 2000 students and researchers.

DAAD's funding initiatives in Lebanon

Overall, 249 Lebanese were able to study, teach and research in Germany or in the region with the DAAD´s support in 2018. In addition, the DAAD facilitated stays for 123 German students, graduates, researchers and university lecturers in 2018.

Individual funding

In 2018, 127 Lebanese and 21 Germans received sponsorship within the context of individual funding. Selected programmes in the context of individual funding include:

  • Research scholarships for foreign doctoral candidates and young academics
  • Grants for graduates of German schools abroad
  • Supervision of foreign student trainees
  • Travel allowances and short-term scholarships for integrated work placements by German students
  • Development-related postgraduate courses (EPOS)

Project funding

In 2018, 122 Lebanese and 102 Germans received sponsorship within the context of project funding. Selected programmes in the context of project funding include:

  • Higher education dialogue with the Islamic world
  • Summer schools abroad
  • Integrated international study courses with double degree awards
  • Bi-cultural Master's courses